Sticking to AIP during the holidays

Hello everyone! I am still eating a very clean diet called the autoimmune paleo diet to help heal my hashimoto’s thyroidis. Generally I have been loving the diet because I feel so much better. The only hard part is eating out or at other’s homes and the holidays are so full of celebrations and traditional foods that are not AIP compliant. The way I am countering this is by hosting Christmas dinner at my house with a completely AIP menu and for dinner at others, I always let them know about my restrictions and bring a couple of compliant dishes myself in case there is nothing else I can have. I have found family and friends are usually very accommodating and understanding and although I certainly don’t expect them to create all dishes around my diet, they are usually more than happy to make sure at least a couple dishes will work for me.

I have been reintroducing some foods although I have to admit I feel best on strict AIP, but with chocolate and white rice. A few other things I’ve tried give various reactions such as a stuffed nose, sore throat, constipation, upset stomach, etc. I was at a holiday party at a restaurant recently and did tell them about my restrictions which they were very accommodating about for the main courses. However I had some appetizers including some tapanade, pate, and capers that I didn’t ask about. I felt fine during the meal but once I got home after a long cab ride I felt sick and knew I must have ate something that was contaminated. I didn’t sleep well and had to wake up a couple times during the night to use the restroom. The next morning I felt congested and used the bathroom a few more times. That was a good lesson that a strict diet is necessary for me and I should never eat anything without checking the ingredients first. It feels burdensome to always be asking about ingredients but I have to put myself and my health first.

For Christmas, I have complied a number of recipes I have found online to make a delicious and nutritious AIP feast. I will be making a turkey, roasted ham, brussel sprouts, baked sweet potato mash, riced parsnips, cranberry sauce, and gravy. Truly all of the traditional staples you would expect but with no nasty ingredients. Some people might miss potato but I think the parsnips will trick then. I haven’t decided what to do for dessert yet but I think I will look for a pumpkin pie recipe or maybe even attempt a coconut ice cream. I am actually looking forward to cooking all of these these delicious foods and seeing what my family thinks! I know some think my diet is too intense but I hope to show them how easy it can be!

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