Healthy Recipes for Easter Holidays

Hello everyone! Easter is rapidly approaching and I’m planning out my holiday menu for a dinner I am hosting for friends and family. IF you have been following me for awhile you might know I am following the autoimmune protocol which means I eat every clean and healthy and that can be tough over the holidays, especially if you’re not in control of the menu as we so often aren’t when celebrating with friends and family. My solution to this is to be the host so I have control over most items and let guests bring dishes too for everyone else to enjoy. I try to make four dishes: one meat, two vegetable sides, and one dessert that are all AIP compliant. That way I can enjoy healthy nourishing food and know all of the ingredients are safe without asking a million questions of the host. This is what works for me but I encourage you to explore what works for you!

I signed up to the mailing listing for autoimmune wellness and they sent me a free Easter e-cookbook which is where I’m getting my recipes from for my dinner. Out of respect of their wishes I won’t repost any of the recipes here, but I am planning to make roasted leg of lamb, mashed parsnips, and an arugula salad. Don’t those sounds great! For dessert I’ll be making a lemon coconut cake. I’m super excited to try these recipes and create new healthy food traditions around the holidays!

What are you cooking for Easter dinner this weekend?