Snow Day

Hi everyone! I was visiting beautiful Seattle this past weekend and they were experiencing their first snow of the season and it was quite the experience! Like most cities that don’t often experience snow, they are generally unprepared for such weather and with all of those steep hills I don’t even want to think about all the accidents that occurred! The grocery stores were sold out of almost everything almost as if a natural disaster was about to hit. I guess it was in a way?! The snow really was beautiful though, quite the sight to behold. I never see snow down in my parts so I always relish the experience, though it made flying a bit of a challenge!

I was visiting a friend and we had the best time making a snowman, drinking hot cocoa and catching up on some much needed girl talk. No matter how old you are it’s fun to play and be like a kid! I think we all crave these sorts of connections so when you find a great friend you can be yourself with it really is special.

I left my pup at home being looked after by a friend and I must say I missed Keiko so much more than I expected. I rarely go anywhere without her but I didn’t think it was fair to bring her with my on the plane knowing there was a high likelihood of snow and Keiko does not like planes or cold haha!

Anyways it really was a fabulous and restorative weekend and I can’t wait to do something like that again!

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