Summer Holidays

Hello all of you beautiful people! Hope everyone is having an amazing summer and enjoying some sunshine and relaxation! Summer is such a beautiful time of year and I always wants to enjoy as much as possible. Sometimes it can even be too hot, but luckily in San Francisco our weather is pretty mild during the summer months compared to southern California. I even have to wear a sweater some days in the middle of summer here! But when I go to LA for a weekend I am practically melting! What a change!

This summer Keiko and I have been exploring new parts of our city and enjoying many beautiful parks and dog-friendly cafes. This city is great for dogs and I must say Keiko really loves it. She has a few furry friends at our neighborhood dog park and it’s so cute to watch them play. I really believe dogs are good for the soul and I know Keiko brings so much joy to my life that cannot be replaced.

Another favorite summer activity for us has been exploring new cafes in the city, most of which don’t mind if you bring your pup in with you while you order or on a leash on the patio. I usually set up a little water bowl for Keiko while I enjoy my iced latte and read the newspaper or a favorite magazine. Having your pup doze at your feet while relaxing=my type of heaven.

My summer adventures usually involve more travel but it’s been a lot of fun to be a “tourist” in my own city this summer and discover some new places that have quiikcly become old favorites. I highly recommend a staycation in your own city!