Vist to Palm Springs!

Greetings from beautiful Palm Springs! Every now and then, I go down to Palm Springs for a few days to visit some friends. I have been down for a few days now, and the weather has been very sweet! People always ask me what the weather is like in Palm Springs. During the spring and summer, the weather can be downright unbearable. It isn’t uncommon for days to get scorching which means that your options for the day are quite limited! During the winter, the situation is very different: it can range from a cloudy, chilly day to a perfectly pleasant day for sipping drinks by the pool.

There are plenty of things to do around Palm Springs, which makes it an excellent destination when you’re looking to take a break. For example, I generally stay in an area close to Mesquite St., which is home to a lovely hike that takes you up into the mountains. The views of palm springs are tremendous! In addition, it’s a great workout. A lot of my friends have expressed surprise that Palm Springs isn’t completely flat! As it turns out, the geography is far more varied than anything you’d expect.

Once you have spent some time hiking in the mountains, chances are you’ll have worked up a pretty good appetite! Luckily, Palm Springs is also home tons of great food. One of my favourite places to eat in Palm Springs is called El Mirasol – it’s this lovely Mexican place, and there are a few locations around town. I went there the other day and was treated to some lovely quesadillas while an excellent musician strummed on his guitar, all while fellow diners danced in their seats. What a lovely experience!

If you haven’t got the appetite for a full meal and you just want a little snack, you can also consider taking a walk around your garden! Citrus fruits are very common here in Palm Springs, and the area I stay in has plenty lemon trees, orange trees, and grapefruit trees. The fruit is absolutely delicious and much sweeter than the fruit I normally buy from the store.

When I stay in Palm Springs, however, I don’t eat out all that much. I much prefer to treat myself to a lunch or dinner out every now and then, and otherwise prepare healthy meals for myself. Luckily, Palm Springs is also home to a fabulous Trader Joe’s! You can get tons of healthy, organic, and relatively inexpensive things from Trader Joe’s. I went there the other day and loaded up the trunk of my car – that should last me for a while!

Anyway, it’s a beautiful day today, the sun is out, and the swimming pool is beckoning. I think it’s time to take a nice dip! Talk to you next time!